Download Autofill script site +18 for adults video


Autofill script site +18 for adults video
Autofill script site +18 for adults video

Adult +18 script auto-fill site. The filling takes place automatically without your participation. Every day you will have a fresh video +18. Easy installation and configuration.
Based on the clean DataLife Engine 11.1 Nulled from open sources.

1) Copy the files to the server from the public_html folder

2) phpmyadmin to import the file baza.sql
3) Change the lines in the files to their own:

'http_home_url' => '' 


define ("DBHOST", "localhost");    define ("DBNAME", "DB NAME Here");    define ("DBUSER", "DB USER Here");    define ("DBPASS", "DB PASS Here"); 

Admin panel:

admin  admin 

Initially the site is empty, we put on autocomplete via Cron-tasks (once a day):


Through the browser: 

In one pass, adds 5 news

Hosting requirements:
– PHP 5.3 and higher
When parsing, images are uploaded to the /uploads/posts/folder on your server, MP4 (video) files are stored on remote servers.

For those who want to change the template to their own:
In the fullstory.tpl file of your template, paste it into the right place:

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