Download Premium Mp3 Search Engine script With Admin Panel


Premium Mp3 Search Engine script With Admin Panel

It’s a PHP MySQLi mp3 search engine script which can give you thousands of visits if you maintain this site properly. It also has an admin panel which will help you to update most of it’s important stuffs, like the API keys.


Fully responsive [Bootstrap].
YouTube search.
Artist bio.
Artist top songs.
YouTube video result on search page.
Recent search.
Random search.
Top songs.
Top artists.
Facebook comments.
Multiple YouTube API support.
About page.
Disclaimer page.
SEO optimized.

Admin panel features:

Update/add/delete YouTube API.
Update API.
Update YouTube API.
Update email/password.
Create sitemap.
Search reports with IP address.
Block URL.
Unblock URL.
Limit YouTube results.
Update website description/keywords/OG image.
Update about page.
Update disclaimer page.
Place ad codes.


PHP 5+.
Good Bandwidth.


Create a MySQL database and import the file ‘ccb1.sql.
Open config.php file and edit the following details:
$hostname = ‘localhost’;
$username_db = ‘root’;
$password_db = ”;
$db_name = ‘ccb1’;
$sitename = ‘CodingCrazy’;
$url = ‘http://localhost/ccb1/’;

Then visit ‘yoursite.tld/manager/register.php’ and register yourself as admin. [The registration page will be deleted automatically.]
Edit the site according to your need.


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