Download WooCommerce – FreshBooks v3.10.1


WooCommerce - FreshBooks v3.10.1
WooCommerce – FreshBooks v3.10.1

Integrate WooCommerce with your FreshBooks account. Easy Invoicing with One Click Using FreshBooks. Generating new WooCommerce orders for your shop is an awesome feeling. However, the need to then invoice customers can take a lot of the fun out of new sales – not to mention all of the extra time that goes into creating invoices for those orders, which only increases as you bring in more revenue. Stop being penalized for success: automatically create your invoices or use one-click sends to save your valuable time. The WooCommerce FreshBooks extension allows you to automatically email PDF invoices to the customer while also creating new customers as new clients in FreshBooks! If you only need to invoice some orders, you can do so with one click from the “Orders” page.


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