Download WooCommerce – XML File Export v2.6.0 [WP Plugin]


WooCommerce - XML File Export v2.6.0
WooCommerce – XML File Export v2.6.0
The WooCommerceStamps.comextension allows you to select orders to export into an XML format for import into theStamps.comclient. Save Time by Exporting Orders toStamps.comin XML Format. Time is money – sounds reasonable, right? That-s why automation is a beautiful thing, and what theStamps.comExporter will do for you. Automate your order formatting in order to bring your WooCommerce Orders!This extension allows you to directly import orders into theStamps.comDesktop Client (not the web-based client) in XML format rather than formatting order information by hand so that you save time and money. Make printing your shipping labels viaStamps.comfaster and more efficient!

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